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Syrup Pump

Syrup Pump

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This pump delivers an accurate portion of 0.25 oz. of our J.T. Copper Syrup in one smooth motion from our 16 oz boston round bottles (not designed for Single Origin Chocolate jar).  Designed to provide dependable service, the durable polypropylene construction makes it perfect for long-term use. Each pump comes with a dip tube cut to fit 16oz size.  Remove dip tube for 8oz bottles.

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      "The skill of mixing cocktails and other drinks." ~Merriam-Webster's Dictionary

      You don't have to be a Mixologist to practice the art of mixology. It just takes a little creativity and an open mind. Mixology brings a new experience to cocktail drinking, a deeper look into the creativity, the ingredients, the history, and finally, the flavors. Take your favorite classics and give them a spin. Introducing new flavors can ignite your tastebuds with curiosity, delight, and educate you, all at once!

      Storing is Easy

      As with any all natural product it is important to keep the cap clean and close tightly. Before opening, store in a pantry setting of 65 to 75F degrees and keep away from direct light, heat and freezing temperatures. Once opened, store in the refrigerator to extend the syrup's life.

      If using pumps or pour spouts, cover pumps with foil or plastic overnight in order to prevent any possible natural air born mold entering through the pump or spout opening.