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Chocolate Orange Marzipan Syrup

Chocolate Orange Marzipan Syrup

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This decadent syrup combines the popular pairing of dark chocolate and orange with the added floral complexity of nutty almond. Made from a single origin cocoa from Ghana, this rich syrup is perfect in a mocha or hot chocolate, drizzled over fresh fruit of pancakes, or as a delicious fondue. Don't get snowed in without it! 


Organic cane sugar, filtered water, natural cocoa powder, organic orange extract, pure almond extract, kosher salt

Vegan & Gluten Free

Does not conatin animal products or gluten.

Suggested Recipes

Merry Lil' Milkshake
Hot Chocolate with a Twist

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Our Labels

delicious syrup, thoughtful design.

In the early days of J.T. Copper, we were drawn to old feedsack bags, which ultimately, became the inspiration for our labels. We loved the feminine yet rugged look of these old fabrics. While charming, feedsack fabric tells the story of folks in communities like Floyd, who lived through challenging times of war and economic hardship, when money and materials like cloth were hard to come by. Feedsack bags that stored products like grain and flour became essential for making a number of household items including clothing and quilts. From pomegranates and bees, to tiny turmeric roots and chili peppers, each bottle of J.T. Copper syrup is not only delicious, but thoughtfully designed.

Exceptional syrups!

When it comes to delicious flavors, JT Copper is in a class all its own. Our small-batch, handcrafted syrups can be used to add flavor to your favorite coffee drink, put a delightful twist on your standard cocktail, or serve as the bold centerpiece in a party punch - the possibilities are endless!